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Neem Extract

We have planned our water-soluble Neem Extract from farming perspectives and it has shown us tremendous positive results.

We are sharing some of the results with you.
Mostly all type of Insects & Pests are controlled and diseases are alleviated.

In 6-7 days, new barks and leaves are revealed.
Leaves become shiny, healthy and lively.
Certain crops show an increase in size and exhibit better qualities.


How to use?

Neem Extract can be used in many ways,

but the following two ways have always proven effective.

  •  We advise you to dilute 100 ml of Neem Extract solution into 15 litres of water.

    • If you have crop disease then you should spray this solution every 7 days.

    • If you don't have any crop disease then you should spray this solution after every 10 days.

  • Through drip

    • We advise you to dilute 1 – 1.25 litres of neem extract into 200 litres of water.

    • By dripping this solution into the land, you can control nematodes & it's seen that the size of Potatoes & Tomatoes increases significantly.


For Animal Care

You can’t purchase love, yet you can protect it.

Spraying neem extract solution on animals relieves them from different skin disease and mosquitoes.

It even soothes wounds.
By spraying neem extract solution near barn and cowshed, it gives relief from different insects, pests and bad odour.

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